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welcomes manuscripts dealing with:

Adverse health effects arising from work, work environment, created (in-door and out-door) and natural environmental hazards, as well as living conditions, life events and lifestyle and the prevention thereof,

  • Identification, managing and prevention of distresses and their consequences caused by the societal, physical and psychological stressors (physical agents, maltreatment, harassment, discrimination, unemployment, etc.) of workplace and dwelling,
  • The etiopathogenesis, prevention of occupational and work-related diseases as well as diseases related to various environmental factors,
  • Epidemiological studies of morbidity and mortality as well as the estimation of health risks,
  • Animal and other experimental studies to analyze the adverse health effects caused by etiological factors (physical, chemical, biological) of occupational and environmental origin,
  • Research on new methods related to the above topics.
  • English versions of recent articles on topics above that were published only in a non-English language beforehand.

The Journal will quickly, following a peer review, publish articles that describe original research findings on current topics of significance, preliminary communications, viewpoints, reports on conferences as well as proceedings.

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