Investigation of Air Quality in the Industrial Area North Cairo

Alia, A. Shakour1, Nadia, M. El Taieb1, Salwa, K. Mohamed1 and Ashraf, S. Zakey2

1 Air Pollution Department, National Research Center Dokki, Cairo, Egypt
2 Egyptian Meteorological Authority
Corresponding author: Prof. A. A. Shakour
National Research Center, Air pollution Dep., Dokki, Cairo, Egypt

CEJOEM 1998, Vol.4. No.2.:192-204

Key words:
Industrial area, SO2, NO2, NH3, and O3 
This study is a part of a research project aimed to evaluate the role of the industrial activities on the air quality in the industrial area north Cairo. Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and ammonia were measured for one year (Sept. 1994ľAug. 1995) in the atmosphere of Shoubra El-Kheima. The obtained data revealed that the atmosphere of the investigated area is highly polluted with these inorganic gases. The annual mean concentration of SO2 was about twice the Egyptian air quality standard set for SO2 (60 µg/m3). Ozone concentration ranged from 10 ppb to 1320 ppb showing that photochemical smog formed 87% of measured samples. Nitrogen dioxide and ammonia levels exceed the recommended concentration in many countries. It can be concluded that the industrial and residential activities beside the traffic emission are the major sources of these gases in the atmosphere of this area. Also, the existence of these gases in presence of sunlight causes the formation of secondary pollutants, like the ozone. 

Received: 11 august 1997
Accepted: 05 January 1998 
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Posted: 15 November 1998