Correlation of Plasma Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn Levels in Diabetic Rats Treated with Hipogalegin

Emilia Creteanu1, H. Creteanu2, Carmen Ionut3, J. Madar4, M. Tamas3

1 Institute of Public Health, Cluj, Romania
2 City Hospital Campia-Turzii, Romania
3 University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj, Romania
4 Institute of Biological Research, Cluj, Romania
Corresponding author: Emilia Creteanu
Institute of Public Health, Cluj, Romania
Mailing adress: Institute of Public Health, Pasteur St. 6, Cluj-Napoca, 3400, Romania
Telephone: 00-40-64-194 2252
Fax: 00-40-64-199 891

CEJOEM 1998, Vol.4. No.2.:140-145

Key words:
Plasma-calcium, -magnesium, -cooper, -zinc, magnesium in erythrocytes, experimental diabetes
H = hipogalegin
ins. = insulin
STZ = streptozotocin


Within the last years, biological role and properties of metal ions have begun to be reconsidered due to greater importance of inorganic bioions in explanation of numerous biologic processes. The aim of the present survey is to establish and to evaluate a real correlation between the Zn, Cu, Ca plasma Mg and erythrocyte Mg levels, in 56-day old Wistar male rats with diabetes induced by iv administration of a single dose 6.5 mg 100 g b.w. STZ (streptozotocin), after 18 hour starvation. In order to control the experimentally elevated blood sugar levels, in one group we used for 30 days 0.1 ml novolent insulin administration every day and in another rat group we tested the blood sugar level diminishing effect of vegetal extract “Hipogalegin” (H) (0.45 g/kg b.w./day). The effect of H in the STZ diabetic rats is responsible for bringing the blood sugar levels within the normal range back, and for statistically decreasing the blood sugar levels in comparison with the STZ induced diabetic group (p<0.001). The lower plasma levels of Ca, Mg, Cu and Zn and the increased levels of erythrocyte Mg strongly recognised in the diabetic and untreated animals, underline the close relationship between these electrolytes. The survey suggests that erythrocyte Mg level and the plasma Zn level have an opposite behaviour in STZ animals (r = –0.58625). The experimental potential of the Hipogalegin-vegetal extract is significant towards controlling the blood sugar level and maintaining a good ionic balance in diabetic rats.

Received: 08 July 1997
Accepted: 16 April 1998 
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Posted: 15 November 1998